Mat at the 2011 Worlds in North Carolina

I started guiding sea kayaking in 2008. I had just about zero real training or skills when I landed the job, but the company puts you through a four day of course of how to do everything. I was quite exhausted by the end of that class. We did everything from basic strokes to advanced rescues out of the back of double sea kayaks. Launching off of a beach location we did a lot of surf zone as well. Well, I was hooked after that. I couldn’t remember having that much fun on the water and I wanted more.

New to the surf, I was very lucky to find coaches and they helped me grow and learn through many beatings. After a short time I started to do well in local compettions and eventually qualified for the US team in 2011. Since then, I have been lucky  to attend the last three World Championships which were held in The Outer Banks, Australia, and Spain.

In 2013 I was fortunate to come on board as an instructor for Kayak Connection. My quality of life has never been better! Through the company I have been able to grow as a kayaker and also an… adult. They gave  me the  confidence to step up when the founder of the Santa Cruz Paddlefest was looking for someone to take up the torch. I am now the owner and organizer of the world’s largest and longest running paddle surf competition!

When I am not instructing Kayaking, running the shop at Kayak Connection, or planning SCPF, I’ll to be on the water. The Monterey Bay has me truey spoiled me for great places to surf and I take every opportunity I can to be out there. 

 ~Enjoy the posts~