Davenport Paddle Surf Classic 2015

surf boat sunrise

We were so spoiled this weekend. The Davenport Paddle Surf Classic lucked out with fantastic weather and high caliber waves. This event always had a low key vibe and stayed true to that nature even with the 60+ participants this year! Its always a blast when you are out in a heat and the four of you are hootin and hollerin at each others waves. Sure there is a competitive aspect to the event, but when we have a constant train of waves we barely see each other during the heat. Again, fantastic conditions this year.

ic floaterfloater

 It was great to see new faces this year too! I met one of the new guys, Will, up North on my way home from the Pac City Surf Off. We had decided against going out at a BIG beach break and went for a hike instead. On the way back to the car he stopped us and asked if they were surf boats. I was really confused at first because no one really knows what surf boats look like when they are in their bags. Such a small world that he ended up down at Davenport. That guy has only really been in a surf boat for a few months but is really showing some potential! Stoked to see that coming out of people closer to my age than dinosaurs!

werner slashedge air

I’ve been competing at Davenport the last four years. I have seen it from big and scary to super tiny and almost unsurfable. I am stoked to say that when Davenport was really working that I was able to come home with two Final heats. I took a 4th place in International Class and with a huge congrats to Zack taking First place in his first finals heat ever! In the HP finals heat things really clicked for me and I was able to get three AMAZING waves. Those waves were probably some of the best that I have had in my new Mega Edge and they nabbed me a First place finish!

sunrise peakic finalists

winners edge

If you were in a heat with me, you likely got some footage taken of you. Instead of doing a short clip reel like I normally try to do, I figured I’d upload a longer video with more footage. More reasons to become friendly with the lady with the camera, huh?