Canoe and Kayak Article!

canoe and kayak


My good buddy Bryon Dorr, of Exploring Elements, wrote up a sweet article about this year’s Santa Cruz Paddle Festival! In it he talks about another buddy of mine, Kate Duncan, who took first in Woman’s HP and 4th in Overall Waveski. Kate has been shredding lately, I am glad I didn’t have any heats with her… Bryon also did a sweet little bit about me, giving me the title ‘the local torch bearer.‘ It talks about the Santa Cruz contest and my history with it. The article also talks about the future of the contest. Dennis Judson is stepping down and Dave Grigsby, of Kayak Connection, and myself will be picking the event up for the future. I’d recommend giving it a read, there are some rather shiny pictures and I know how you all like pictures….