Santa Cruz Paddle Fest! End Results



SUP Shredding SCPF

I have been going to the Santa Cruz contest for many years now and every year it is different. This year which was the 28th Annual Santa Cruz PaddleFest, we had a mixed bag of everything. Friday had fairly small conditions, but it was hot and sunny out! Mother nature barely waited for us to get off the water when she started storming. That night it started raining and it didn’t really stop until Sunday. Saturday’s conditions were small, chunky, and a bit close to the cliffs for some. After putting up with Saturday’s mess we were lucky to be rewarded with Steamer Lane looking in TOP form! Several absolutely perfect waves went unridden with the paddlers having every right to be a bit choosy as to which monster they were going to claim as their own.
sc12 bw
Edu IC Air Mat HP

Throughout the weekend we all were excited to see the familiar faces of Ed and Mariola from Murky Waters. They were there showcasing Vincent Shay’s new boat the Phoenix! A really cool looking boat that I would love to spend some time in!
This year we kept up our tradition of being an international event. We had paddlers from Canada, Basque, Costa Rica, and Australia come to give it their all at Steamer Lane. Most of these faces were very familiar to me. I had just seen the Basque Paddlers in Australia for the last World Championships of Surf Kayaking. They had all done very well there and we had many many heats together. Which was another tradition we apparently kept. I had Edu in just about all of my heats. >.<
Edu is a huge competitor and you always cringe when you see his name on your heat list. That man can surf!

Edu Etexeberria ended up showing his mastery in an IC boat and took a comanding 1st Placing. Behind him Followed Jim Grossman, Mathew Hoff, and Buck Johnson. In HP Ibon Aguirrezabala Jimenez beat out Edu for first place, with Dave Johnston coming in 3rd and Jim Grossman in 4th. Kate Duncan won the Woman’s HP, with Teresa Carranza close behind in second, Rachel Ward in 3rd, and Devon Barker in 4th. On the SUP side of things Bernd Roedinger blew everyone out of the water with an 81 (most scores are in the high 50’s or 60’s, rarely a 70), with Ryan Helm in 2nd, Brandon Rambo in 3rd, and Matt Becker rounding out the pack with a 4th.

IC FinalistsW HP FinalistsHP Finalists


 SC Paddlefest 2014 Winners– Full Results


Dave and Dennis

This year is a bit more special than previous years. Dennis Judson, long time organizer of the PaddleFest (28 years) is retiring from the contest. In his stead Dave Grigsby of Kayak Connection, along with help from Mathew Hoff, will be taking over the contest. We are really excited to be able to continue such an amazing event and look forward to keeping it a huge part of the Paddle Surfing Community!

All Photo Credit: Tiffani Hall