Murky Water Twist Review

Twist Standing



Murky Water Twist

Length: 7’8”

Width: 25.5”


Height: 6′

Weight: 160lbs

Feet: 9’s


Surfing Murky Water’s Twist felt incredibly easy to me. The rails don’t feel sharp on the wave and this gives it a very user friendly feeling. Tripping over rails rarely occurs.   The boat has a heavily rockered bow and this allows you to take very late drops and not find yourself nosing in. The rocker is great on the paddle out as well, but I found with the bow having much more volume than the stern that I had a harder time getting over bigger whitewater.

Twist Hull Full View

On the wave the boat had good speed. I noticed that in choppier stuff the boat would bounce a bit and I suspect it is because the hull has no concavities to it. On the glassier stuff the Twist was an absolute dream to carve with. The fin placement is fairly close to being directly under the seat and allows for a very narrow turning radius. I had the fins moved all the way back to increase drive and the boat still felt incredibly nimble to me.

With a solid amount of speed the Twist is easily able to get airborne and with the soft rails the re-entry is very smooth, although I think a slight increase in tail volume would help with some of the more acrobatic aerial maneuvers.  This boat is very carve friendly. With the high volume in the nose doing the ‘slashy stuff’ was difficult and I would often get rejected. Roundhouses on the other hand, were fluid and felt completely natural. I would suggest surfing it like an IC boat but to not be afraid of committing to the lip moves!

Something I noticed about this boat (its a demo) is that over time the bolts attaching the glass seat to the deck seem to wear. I often found the seat tilting as I was pushing off my feet. I would greatly like to look at this and improve upon it. For now I will be sticking to my obsessively carved foam seat.Twist Stern


The Grade

Ease of surfing: A

Drops: A

Paddle out: B

Speed: B

Carving: A

Advanced Maneuvers: B

Rolling: A