Free Clinic! Santa Cruz Paddle Surf Festival

This year we are doing a free clinic for the Santa Cruz Paddle Surf Festival! We have secured THR member Kate Hives and Local Mathew Hoff (your’s truly) to share some of our knowledge.

The plan is to meet up at The Lane Thursday morning. There will be plenty of people to watch that will be getting a surf in before the competition starts. One goal that I would like to achieve is to not have too many people out in the water. The locals are good enough to give us the site for the time that we need it and I don’t want to push it. So we will likely be sending Kate out there as a test dummy. We will make sure to go over the competition format and where everything will be setup. There is heaps that we are able to learn while we are merely watching others and our main goal of the morning is to become more familiar with the break.

In the afternoon we will meet up at Adventure Sports Unlimited, the location where we are having the boat check in and competitor’s meeting/party, to do a bit of classroom instruction. A classroom environment allows us to really break down how our boats react to the surf and how our bodies make them behave. More importantly, it will allow us to answer questions that people have. Our goal in the afternoon will be to go more in depth about the finer details of Surf Kayaking.


Class times will be:
8:00am at the Lane, meeting by the staircase closest to the point
2:00pm at ASU, meeting in the classroom
Times are subject to change

Anyone is welcome. Please RSVP @