Random Revolution Review

Random Revolution Review


The rails on this boat are absolutely beautiful. Terry did an excellent job blending them into the deck and I believe the boat is much faster because of it. I’d love to see this on any boat that I surf in the future.

The boat doesn’t weigh anything. Well, I believe it was 21lbs when I got it and I have been satisfied with the weight to strength ratio. I have not nosed it into the sand yet, but the boat has handled a couple of scrapes with minimal damage.

I am a fan of spending hours of carving and shaping foam to get the perfect fit out of a seat. This boat was incredibly comfortable from the start and all I needed to do was add a bit of foot foam and some on the sides for my skinny hips. The deck, while low, allows for plenty of room for my toes and keeps my knees at a good angle.

With a low profile deck the Revolution sheds water quite nicely when leaning too much into a bottom turn or trimming too far forward. It allows for more radical cutbacks with the nose being able to be buried into the water slightly and releasing cleanly.

I really like how there is a rock solid belt attachment behind the seat. I would love to see this as a design feature in future boats. Perhaps a lap belt style setup that is a tad bit farther forward.

The Revolution is incredibly fast on the wave. The first time I got into the boat and bottom turned, the speed that I got carried me right up to the top of the wave and I proceeded to fall off the top. I had not been used to surfing with that much speed and it took a bit to get used to that. Now I love the speed I am getting out the boat. I’ve found that I get the most speed out of it on steep beach breaks. It has plenty of speed to handle The Lane and Davenport but I’ve found it excels on steeper more critical waves.

I recently picked up a wave ski and this boat is the closest I have felt to the same level of performance. Admittedly I am still learning on the ski, but so far the Revolution behaves very similar. Cutbacks are fast and nimble, roundhouses are quite snappy, airs can be lofty and radical, top turns have been turning more and more into re-entries instead and the bottom turn drives plenty of speed. I feel that it isn’t very far behind in the amount of speed the boat can generate or the potential of performance compared to a ski.


I did not like the cockpit rim. Everything about the cockpit rim is fine except for the depth at the thighs. It is very shallow and it has been difficult finding a skirt that would stay on. I think if it was a little bit deeper, then it would be a much more bomber rim. I like everything else about it though. It is very flat and allows for a skirt to fit on easily.

I was not thrilled about the quality of the fin boxes. They seemed to be uneven in the width of the boxes. At the top of the box it is a bit narrower and once the fin gets into the slot it is a tad bit wider. This causes extra wear on the fins when putting them into the boxes and has made them slide about.

It isn’t a huge deal and may require a bit of creativity on my part but there are not many ideal places for a GoPro Mount. As a design feature it would be helpful to have flat surfaces here and there (stern and front deck) so that a GoPro mount will stick. Otherwise an FCS plug would be sweet to have at those locations. Not a deal breaker one bit, but something I will be looking for in my next boat.

I accidentally pulled off the belt attachment that is in between the legs a month or two into using the boat. An extra heavy layer of glass may help with preventing that in the future (although it was an easy repair).

At first when paddling this boat I would catch the edges often. They are nice and sharp and this helps generate the boat’s awesome speed. My thought processes had not adjusted to the speed initially and now, after spending considerable time in the boat, it is happening less often. This would not be a beginner boat because of this but an excellent intermediate-advanced boat.


This boat isn’t the fastest I have paddled on flat-water, but certainly not the slowest. You do need to be more in a critical position to take off than shoulder hopping, but it is not limited to only dropping in at the peak.

Paddling out into the lineup could be easier but again it could also be harder. I feel like the boat has a good amount of volume, but I have been caught inside plenty of times and had to wait out the sets. Perhaps I was tired, but I do feel like this boat is at the right volume for me (155lbs). Any less volume and paddling out would require plenty better technique. Any more volume and the boat would start to lose its ski feel.

Something that I have noticed is that the seat height (my hips are a couple inches out of the boat) was unstable at first but I have gotten used to it and have found that provides excellent leverage for maneuvers.
I have definitely started airing a lot more frequently since I got into this boat. It has plenty of speed and drive and I have gotten some big airs out of it. Landing them is my next challenge. At the moment I seem to be catching my rails when landing. I think this is more just my technique than the boat.

I would like a firmer thigh brace. The boat has a quad belt because the deck at the thigh braces is basic. I’d like to have something a bit more solid that I can put more weight against without having the boat flex. I know that will add weight, but I think a more solid thigh brace can eliminate the need for a quad belt and I could use just a lap belt instead.


I like the boat. It is a huge step up from what I had been paddling before. With tons of speed at my disposal the challenge has become how to harness the speed. I feel like I will be growing into this boat for quite some time and am thrilled about that. As for others, this will not be a boat for beginners, especially with the higher seat setup and the use of a quad belt. I could only recommend this to someone who is comfortable in surf boats already and is looking for something to challenge their skill sets. For those who already have the skills to make use of this boat’s potential, I would rather not be in a heat with them…