Davenport 2011: Day 1

For davenport this year I signed up in IC, HP, and Geoff’s spiffy category ‘King of the Wave’ where anyone can paddle anything. I packed my bags and set North the long ol’ drive from Monterey to Santa Cruz the night before the comp.  My awesome friend was wiling to put me up on her couch.

An early start this morning. We all got to the paddlers meeting at 7 ready to be in the first heat. Luckily I wasn’t in the first heat  and surfed the 3rd heat. Started out with King of the Wave heats and since the waves were looking decent I went out in the short boat. Since worlds I’ve been in a Random Revolution and loving it. The revo on the davenport waves was Sick on the sets and frustrating on the rest. I don’t think I caught a wave for the first 8 minutes but after that I started rockin it. One left had a crazy air drop in with a bottom turn and when I went for the lip I aired off the back and missed the re-entry. The rest of the waves were full of hard cutbacks with nothing entirely special. When the heat was over I felt relieved a bit. I am always super nervous the first heat that I surf and getting that out of the wave was great.

The next heat was IC and that felt amazing! I hadn’t paddled the Salsa since Worlds, but I had excellent control on every waves and just threw my tail around all over the place. That heat really got my amped for the rest of the day.

I paddled HP next and I was still in the same gear as the morning since the heats were all really close together. I was still amped from the previous heat and was really looking forward to it. Now, the tide had been coming in all day and the swell dropping. I barely caught any waves and was super frustrated after that heat. I just couldn’t catch anything and barely got onto any waves.

The second kotw heat went really quite well. I took out the long boat and gain completely tore into the waves. That heat it was me and a bunch of my friends. I really enjoyed being out there with those guys and surfing well.

Overall I won all of my heats but my HP heat, I barely squeaked by into second. The day went by super fast with so many people to catch up with and so many heats to surf. Geoff looks to have set up another great competition!