Immersion Research Skirt

Tried out the skirt that IR sent me today, an older model the SBD. It seemed to be a fairly dry fit for the Revo, but the sides did like to pull off. Right behind where they beefed up the skirt with the tougher neoprene. The extra rubberized neoprene was fairly sweet, but the cockpit on that boat isn’t really all that deep so I don’t think that I needed the extra bit there. The bungee on the skirt still felt a bit loose to me and the skirt did implode when I took a big hit. To its credit, it was the sides that tried to pull off and that actually may have had something to do with the extra neoprene on the sides. I am not entirely happy with the skirt but it is better than what they had sent me before, the shockwave plus. I want to try it on the Salsa-, and the Rush as well to see if there is any different results there before I send it back to them with my thoughts.