Foot Blocks

While at the World championships this summer we all saw the Random Revolutions do exceptionally well in all of their heats. It could be said that it was the paddlers that were in the boats, but the speed that they were getting out of the boats was impressive. So, I bought one. The boat is absolutely gorgeous and light. Probably a full 10lbs lighter than what I had been using. Terry did a great job this boat. The rails were sanded down, which looks and feels fast. The system of how the belt attaches to the boat is absolutely brilliant as well.

and this brings up to the present

I finished carving the foot blocks tonight. All in total 6 inches of foot blocks. It does sound like a lot now that I am writing it, but I like my feet to be solid and those 6 inches aren’t going to be moving anywhere. The only other outfitting that I’ve done so far is add 1/4 inch of foam to each side of the hip padding that was already on there. I did put down a couple of strips of duct tape where my heals are at too. My other boat got fairly worn there and I’ll be curious to see how well that will hold up. I’ll be surfing in the morning so we will see how the foot blocks hold and if there is any other outfitting that I am going to be needing. I should be damn close though.